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Advertising/Public Relations
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Advertising/Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is a key to any company’s marketing and strategic plan. Your Public Relations strategy gives your company credibility and communicates your brand. Eriksen Services can write, design, and distribute your communications to the appropriate media or help develop your overall strategy and campaign. Just a press release or the whole campaign, look to our team to get the word out.


Too many times we hear I tried radio once or TV is too expensive or newspaper doesn’t work. The problem is that most businesses try advertising, but don’t think about all the variables involved to make it work. Regardless of what some say advertising is a science. It is understanding the demographics and behaviors of your target audience. Then producing a message and creative that is understood and is relevant to the target. Advertising needs to be used in places the target lives and breaths with the correct mix. Finally, everything must be tracked to assure the goals are being met. Branding, Top-of-mind-awareness, direct response, or information delivery are all goals that advertising can accomplish. Our media team has vast experience at developing your advertising campaign. From concept to delivery Erisken Service can create your next successful campaign. Maybe you just need ala cart media help we can work with you. We can help with:

  • Customer/target development
  • Strategic planning
  • Media negotiation and planning
  • Media placement
  • Creative production (TV spots, Radio spots, Print design . . . )
  • Tracking development
  • Put Eriksen Services in your mix and win the advertising game for your business!
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